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  Welcome to PetLink

Your 24/7 pet registry and recovery service

Whether your veterinarian microchipped your pet or you rescued a pet (bless your heart!) from a shelter that microchips its pets, here is where you complete the most important part of the pet recovery process - registering your pet's microchip ID.

It takes less than five minutes to enter your pet's name and microchip number along with your personal information. This ensures that PetLink can quickly reunite you and your pet should it become lost.

PetLink registration gives you access to:

  • 24/7 pet recovery hotline.
  • Free "lost pet" posters complete with your pet's photo and the toll-free PetLink hotline.
  • Unlimited use of the PetLink Pet Resource Center.

Register your pet now.

Personalized collar tag
For added safety, the PetLink tag is like a beacon to busy shelters. It instantly tells them your pet is microchipped so they can quickly notify PetLink to contact you immediately.

Traveling with your pet?
Make pet travel safe and convenient anywhere you go. Don't get quarantined for Xmas! Micro Max handheld reader lets you quickly identify your pet.

Give your pet the gift of safety and security - plus peace of mind for you.



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