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Personalized Indoor Cat Collar Tag

Personalized Indoor Cat Collar Tag

$ 14.99
This product is only available for pets registered with PetLink!

Add a personalized PetLink Collar Tag to your pet's collar today. The PetLink Collar Tag acts as an added safety beacon to let people know that your pet has a microchip. It also keeps your personal information safe and password protected online.

Let others know if your indoor cat is found outdoors with this special collar tag. There are three cat tag options: Black Aluminum, Solid Brass, or Polished Stainless Steel. This cat tag features a unique design on the front, and on the back is personalized with your pet's microchip number & the PetLink hotline number.

You do need to have a PetLink account to purchase the PetLink Collar Tag, that way PetLink can help reunite you with your pet in the event that your pet is lost. 

One size available:

1" x 0.09" in.

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*The one year warranty does not apply to this product.*

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