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PlexiDor Dog Door - Wall Installation

PlexiDor Dog Door - Wall Installation

$ 359.00

A dog door that fits your life. 

 Meet your energy-saving dog door solution. PlexiDor Dog Doors some with unique shatter resistant dual thermopane K9 composite saloon-style panels open with a gentle push and close tight without banging. Each panel is lined on all four edges with high density, nylon weather sealing to provide superior draft control, reducing air conditioning and heat loss.

So whether you live in the hot desert climate of Arizona or in the frigid cold of Alaska, PlexiDor will save you money every month. Your pet will love the smooth, quiet and safe doors and you'll love seeing a lower energy bill.



  • Never purchase replacement flaps again
  • Maximum energy efficiency saves money on your energy bill every month
  • Secure with lock, key and security plate
  • Freedom for both you and your pet
  • Enjoy undisturbed sleep or uninterrupted family or TV time
  • No more accidents or mess
  • Peace of mind

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Opening for Pet Installation Cut Hole Overall Dimensions
Dogs up to 9 lbs & all cats
6.5" x 7.25" 8.75" x 8.625" 10.375" x 11.875"
Dogs up to 40 lbs
9" x 12" 11.5" x 13.625" 14.375" x 17.375"
Dogs up to 100 lbs
11.75" x 16"  14.25" x 17.625" 16.5" x 20.5"
Dogs up to 220 lbs
15.25" x 23.625"  18.5" x 26.25:  17.125" x 54.625"


10 Year Residential Warranty:

PlexiDor is covered by a 10 year limited residential warranty. Any detective part will be repaired or replaced without expense, including standard shipping service for 10 years from date or purchase. Labor is not covered. Returns are allowed 90 days from purchase date.

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These doors are manufactured in the USA.

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